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Nestled just below the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the vibrant college town of Athens, Georgia is the northern gateway to the Antebellum Trail.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation has selected Athens as a 2009 Distinctive Destination in recognition of the authentic visitor experience provided by its dynamic downtown, cultural diversity, attractive architecture…

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Wander through the scenic beauty or step into the past by visiting one of the many historic sites in Watkinsville.  The Eagle Tavern Museum, built circa 1801, reveals daily life in frontier Georgia as the center of political and social movements in the area during the 1800s.  The Elder Mill Covered Bridge …

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Described before the War as “The most cultured and aristocratic town on the stagecoach route from Charleston to New Orleans”, Madison has been welcoming visitors from around the world for almost two centuries. Today, Madison is one of Georgia’s largest designated National Register Historic Districts and was named one of the earliest “Preserve America Communities”…

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In a tradition that started with Br’er Rabbit and continues to this day, folks around here enjoy many a good tale. From the fisherman telling the story of “the one that got away” to a golfer stretching the truth about the length of his drive, to a spinetingler about a ghost who lives in the house next door…

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Located in the heart of middle Georgia, historic Milledgeville boasts of stately southern mansions and gracious garden gates which have harbored distinguished governors, generals, and ghosts…

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Visit another era, or play in this one! From adventure, to heritage, to recreation, all sprinkled with a little bit of soul, you’ll enjoy nearly endless pursuits to fill a day—or week—in Gray and Old Clinton, Georgia, and the rest of Jones County…

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Visit the city filled with rich, soulful history that inspires Macon residents and visitors alike. With its incredible musical heritage, beautiful architecture, and delightful Southern Charm, it is easy to see that Macon is more than just a place on the map. It’s a vibe all its own.

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